Ing. Jakub Kraľovanský

Founder – Trader

My main tasks are predictions, coins with a fuse and the Trader2.0 fund. I am trading our portfolios and I am responsible for the final results.

Ing. Juraj Stoklasa


I’m in charge of “coins with a fuse” and a video analysis of altcoins during the week.



In the Trader2.0 project, we have two fundamental analysts who are looking for small coins that have huge potential. They are also experts in DeFi and the intrinsic value of the coins. However, both prefer to remain anonymous.

MA. Marek Feder

Main author and editor

I am in charge of the entire section of the magazine as well as the fundamental articles and corrections of all articles.

Tomáš Kiebel

The author

I focus on SCAMS and fraud in the crypto world. With the help of articles, I try to educate the community.

Mgr. Adam Sabolčák

The author

In the Trader2.0 project, I focus mainly on technical articles and articles for beginners. I want my articles to be a bridge between beginners and the crypto world.

Bc. Ladislav Kulla

Youtube editor

I focus on editing videos as well as animations.