Why gold?

                                                                 Investment into gold – security, safety, freedom


Investment into gold is important for stabilization of value of assets, this is why you find gold in reserves of central banks, national organizations and experienced skilled investors. Ratio of gold in reserves is moderately increasing lately. Current trend is transferring gold from backup storages.

Same possibility of securing of assets is available here for you as well. We offer physical gold in a range of 1 – 1000 grams (investment roughly from 60€).

You can build your reserve step by step thanks to intelligent investment plan (It is possible to buy gold pieces regularly starting at 4€)

Why are high value metals important in savings?

Currency policy of countries, their debts and insecurity – main reasons why investments into gold are being more popular.

Dreaming of financial security and safety are the main reasons of this development. Savings in cash are losing its purchase value not due to inflation. Purchase power is recently being affected by central banks stepping in because they are fighting the recession of their economies.

Meanwhile all other currencies and savings are being affected by inflation, gold is able to resist and it’s a traditional holder of value, verified by years and years of usage. for 1 gold ounce you will be able to buy same amount of goods like 100 or more years ago.

Saving assets into gold has long term history and it proved to be reliable. Not just it’s a holder of value but its easily mobile and its possible to trade it for all currencies around the world. Current financial advisors always refer to these facts and always recommend to divide savings between paper assets (stocks, bonds, pension savings, building savings, life insurance), property and commodities (mainly investment into gold) and nowadays also cryptocurrencies.


Individual pieces of assets built all together will be optimized with time. Part of investment gold on whole assets should be around 5-30%.

  • Gold is not affected by GDP, buying gold back is not part of tax per income.
  • Gold is not fakeable, its resources are limited.
  • Central banks are printing money in a massive amount. In past this led to high inflation, even hyperinflation.
  • Gold creates reserve and represents secured money in unsecured times (currency wars between countries, crisis, inflations). Gold is a security during crisis.
  • Gold represents the only real money, without any debts. Its also an universal currency. Thanks to its security is gold in par with cash in reserves of central banks and most secure state bonds.
  • Gold is not only resistant to inflations buts its even effective during recesions.