How does it work?

Investment gold has not been subject to inflation for a long time, maintaining stable purchasing power. It is exempt from VAT and income from the sale of precious metals is not subject to income tax. It is a suitable insurance for political, military, economic or currency shocks that result in the loss of currency value.

                                                                                                                    Investment gold is really available!

Buying investment gold does not mean a burden on the family budget. It is possible to shop regularly from 4 €.

It is with this amount that it is possible to gradually purchase selected investment gold coins in the Trader 2.0 plan. A person over the age of 18 can arrange and sign a Trader 2.0 plan.

Trader 2.0 plan can be used as a savings for children. In this case, the contract is concluded by parents, grandparents, or another close person.

How the plan works

Depending on the amount of the sent payment and the current price of the selected gold coin, the corresponding part of the gold coin is purchased at the time the payment is credited to the IBIS InGold account. You will not save in money, but in a unique world currency.

After fixing the full weight of the gold, the gold becomes the property of the buyer and is shipped based on his instructions. Postage, packaging and insurance is determined according to the valid price list of services.

During the savings, the buyer is informed by e-mail about any changes, such as the negotiation of the contract, the crediting of payment, the progress of the purchase and the dispatch of the gold.

There is an entry fee associated with closing the plan, which can be paid in a lump sum or through regular payments. The entry fee is returned to the buyer in the form of a redemption premium, which is paid at the time of resale of investment gold. Further administration and management of the plan is free.

The main benefits of the plan

  1. It is not an asset account from which only income comes. With the plan, the buyer obtains real physical investment gold coins. Only gold, which the client has under their full control, will prove its full value of protection and security.
  2.  More gold for the same money – thanks to the plan, higher weight gold coins with a better price per gram will be available to even the lesser client. This gives the client an additional bonus against one-time purchases.
  3. The plan combines the benefits of holding investment gold with the benefits of regular investing. The price of investment gold depends on the development of the price on the precious metals exchange and on the exchange rate. The client does not have to look for a suitable moment to invest. When investing regularly, it will use the effect of price averaging. The client buys the most gold at the cheapest prices. At a higher price, he buys less, but already realizes the yield on the saved gold coins.
  4. The plan offers the buyer complete freedom. He determines the amount of the regular payment, the weight and the number of gold coins he buys. During the savings process, it then adjusts the amount of payments, their frequency, inserts extraordinary payments, interrupts payments and changes the conditions of the dispatch. Any changes are free.
  5. The plan offers guaranteed quality – gold, the world’s most prestigious refinery PAMPs with a certificate of weight, highest purity and serial number. The first holder is the buyer.