Pasive income Trader 2.0

Trade on FOREXE like a pro!

All you have to do is create an account, join our fund and profit. You can conveniently check the status of your account as well as all orders via a laptop or mobile phone. Our company Trader 2.0 only works as a Strategy provider, ie a strategy provider for a regulated broker. The client registers with a broker and can use our strategy if interested. We as a company do not accept any money.

Why join the Trader 2.0?


Thanks to the Multi account Money Management system and a license for capital management, the strategy can increase the value of money even for passive investors with exactly the same result as a professional trader.


Non-stop access to the client zone, where you can track orders, trades and the entire trading history.


During working days, the support of the given broker as well as the support team of Trader 2.0 is always available to you. You can transfer money at any time. No binding, notice periods or fines.


Your deposits are deposited in your name in a Czech or Slovak bank and insured by law. The money is separated from the broker’s account. Everything is in accordance with MiFiD and MiFid II directives.

How does it work?

  1. Appropriate strategy.
    According to the investment questionnaire and your preferences, we will recommend strategy.
  2. Connection to the strategy.
    In your client zone, you will join your chosen strategy, deposit money and thus connect with other investors.
  3. Results
    In your client zone, you monitor the performance of your portfolio and specific results.

It is important to see the results

Trader 2.0 - Purple Trading

The Trader 2.0 strategy was officially launched on 20.05.20 by the former broker NAGA. In this strategy, we only trade EUR / USD and USD / JPY. We trade daily charts and use a more dynamic strategy. The fund is more volatile and is only for people who can accept risk. However, the reward for accepting risk is, on the other hand, a higher return.