Frequently asked questions

What are cryptocurrencies?

It is a digital currency that is based on asymmetric cryptography. We can talk about digital money, which is an alternative to classic fiat currencies, such as the US dollar, euro, British pound and so on. Like other currencies, virtual currencies can be exchanged for dollars or euros, for example. Each cryptocurrency transaction takes place in a decentralized Blockchain database.

For more information, buy the World Cryptocurrency E-book.

What is Forex?

Forex – also known as FX or currency market – is a place where one currency is exchanged for another at an agreed price. It is a centralized market where world currencies are traded “over the counter” (OTC). This means that trading does not take place under the supervision of the stock exchange and trades are fast and cheap.

You exchange business pairs such as EUR / USD, GBP / USD, CZK / USD.

Why with Trader2.0?

The Trader2.0 project is aimed at both beginners and advanced traders and investors. As one of the few projects, it offers internship-related training. Usually it works by just learning or, on the other hand, going straight into action without having the necessary knowledge.

Beginners can use a lot of information and basic knowledge on the Youtube channel or in the Telegram channel completely free of charge. If freely available information is not enough for someone, they can buy the World of cryptocurencies E-book or various courses.

For traders, we have, for example, a Trader2.0 membership, where we trade cryptocurrencies, Forex, commodities and stocks with members.

How to start?

It depends on what your goal is:

1. Learn what cryptocurrencies are.

Solution – E-book World of Cryptocurrencies
Course – History of money

2. Learn to trade.

Solution – Free Youtube channel
Course – Technical analysis

3. Activ trading.

Solution – Membership Trader2.0

4. Own gold

Solution – Physical gold

5. Own a trading system.

Solutions – Forex Trading

6. Invest and not worry about anything.

Solution – Capital appreciation

Which course is best for a beginner?

First I would go to our Youtube channel, where there is enough information for free.

If you are excited about the topic, you can choose the E-book World of cryptocurrencies, or one of the courses “What do you need to know as a beginner?

Is Trader2.0 a purely cryptocurrency project?

The Trader2.0 project focuses mainly on education, cryptocurrencies, FOREX, stocks, commodities and community building.

How does Trader2.0 membership work?

Just buy a membership on our site. After the purchase, you get access to the VIP section on the website – Client Zone. In the Client Zone, trading pairs / 15 cryptocurrencies, 7 forex pairs, 3 commodities, 3 shares, 3 indices / are updated every working day.

In addition, you have access to VIP telegram channels. The first is used for private information and analysis. In the second are “coins in fire.” The last one is a VIP chat, where all the members of our community are.

In addition, each member has a LIVE ROOM Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 to 9:45.

Membership therefore consists of:
1. Client zones and predictions
2. Private fundamentals and analyzes
3. Coins in fire

What are "Coins with Flammable Cord"?

Coins with an incendiary cord are part of the membership, but can be purchased separately.

These are coins / cryptocurrencies, where they send the exact value to the purchase, the exact value to the profit and the stoploss + graph.

How does it work?

10% capital up to 1 coin
A maximum of 10 open positions at a time
The evaluation table is made by the members themselves.
The minimum growth potential for trade is + 10%.
On average, about 10 coins per month – depending on the situation. We do not go for quality, but for quality.

Common signal problems:

There are several of these problems. Groups lie with their statistics and mislead. When the market falls, there is no signal, but when the market grows, 30 signals come in 2 days, but a regular member does not have much time to trade, and especially in this extreme case, do not look after money management. After the first 5 trades, the member no longer has capital for further trades.

What is LIVE ROOM?


Tuesday 9:00 – 9:45

Thursday 9:00 – 9:45

Every Tuesday and Thursday we trade with LIVE members on the NAGA platform or on cryptobourses. We discuss charts, discuss and show trading set-ups.

How do Trader2.0 courses work?

All courses are online. Once you buy a course, you have it for life. The courses are conducted in the form of online videos + powerpoint presentations.

Each course has its own videos that you can watch as many times as you want and when you want. If necessary, the courses are accompanied by a powerpoint presentation with theory.

How do Trader2.0 Workshops work?

Workshops are an absolute novelty.

Currently, we will divide each workshop into 2 parts:


Each month there will be a workshop in a different city. We start with cities: Bratislava, Martin, Prague, Brno.

Each workshop participant will receive a notebook, pen, study materials. Lunch will always be provided. The topic of the workshops is according to the requirements of clients.

What are the offers for investors?

It is necessary to go to the next section and fill out the contact form with your question.

I want to establish cooperation.

Great! Write an e-mail with your offer to and we will try to come up with something.