How does it work?

In section “What is FOREX” we described how Forex works and what is being traded on this market. FOREX is biggest market in the world.

3 factors:

  1. Economical
  2. Geopolitical
  3. Technical

All of these factors are affecting movements of currency pairs.

Trader 2.0 and Forex?

You can not only buy our membership but also rent your own semi automatized robot for Forex. Nowadays majority of trading system on Forex are automatic trading systems.

How does it work?

If there is an expert, who is interested in trading on Forex with the help of semi automatized robot, this is the ideal opportunity. Now you can rent your own robot.

Client will buy his own robot and rent himself a server. Then he will register at our partner NAGA Market. After being verified by NAGA and making first investment robot will start to trade.

Robot is trading 3 basic currency pairs due to results from certain indicators and situation on market. Main task of each client is to set the correct money management to his own robot. This is where Ing. Jakub Kraľovanský steps in and will individually explain to each of the clients all the details and also calculate ideal amount of deposit to create the correct money management. Each client is being taken individually because different people have different risks they will undertake by investing. After correct set of money management client will be added into Telegram group to join other clients. Inside this group, Ing. Jakub Kraľovanský will be regularly updating information about recommendations and potential dangers.

System is anytime manageable so you can stop or pause it anytime, same for lowering money management, lowering trading pair, adding another trading pair. Everything according to the market.



Rental of robot = 166 usd/month

Rental of BPS = 32 usd/month

Broker = NAGA Markets

Minimum deposit = 1000€

Without commitment

Under control of Ing. Jakub Kraľovanský

Supportive telegram group for members

Client has money on his own account and is free to end it anytime.


What will client obtain for free:

Personal assistance from Ing. Jakub Kraľovanský

Tutorials for rental of a robot, linking with server, registration at Naga and intro optimal settings

Supportive telegram group

Brief explanation of Money management including documents.


If you are interested in this offer you can click on section “Investing – Forex Trading – Offer”